Polyhistorian Homepage Thing?

Some changes to this webpage - 2024/03/15

Hey, there's been some alteration to this page as is previously only showed the incredibly meta post just below this one about me changing names. I've since changed some stuff around, having socials listed now, with the one that I can link being done so. And at the bottom you can see a manual "site-map" thing, even if this entire webserver only has three pages and that's counting this one as well. I also altered the font preference allowing the site to be rendered primarily in whatever are your prefered defaults (for me that's OpenDyslexic), and only then defaulting to generic font families. Granted those settings seem to be poorly supported if at all. There also might be some additional changes in the coming days as I'm not super happy with all of this.

New API Endpoints - 2022/09/11

Hi, given the changing nature of our ecosystem it has come the time to establish a new API to interact with. So today we'll put out /Aurora|Luna/ on a slow release schedule. For now, the previous endpoints you're used to working with will continue to work as we know that they are extremely useful for ex. waking a hanging or a sleeping process. But these endpoints will become deprecated and eventually discontinued as the functionality is migrated over to the new ones. As for any new users, this release will be immediate for you as we won't be provisioning any new API keys to the old endpoints.


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